Testimonials  & Oils!!!!   Zoom with us!!!

Testimonials & Oils!!!! Zoom with us!!!

Confused about What oils to use for What?????

Come listen to 12 people give their Personal Testimonials on ALL the Essential Oils in the Premium Starter Kit!

This is a great opportunity to share with people you know that have wanted to know more about these amazing oils and have an opportunity FIRST HAND to hear everyone's stories.

ANYONE on the zoom call that night that is not a Young Living member will be entered to win $25.00 off a Premium Starter Kit!!!!  

Once you register, an email/text will be sent to you with the Zoom Link & Password!

See you soon!

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 All Things Roller Balls!!!!   Zoom with us!

All Things Roller Balls!!!! Zoom with us!

Roller Balls are just one PART of a Wellness Lifestyle!

Learn how to use your Essential oils from your Premium Starter Kit!

Try out some of the most popular oils from your kit in ROLLER BALL form! 

You will get to see (virtually) how easy it is to make rollers for on-the-go use
and enjoy them firsthand. 

Here's a sneak peek of one of the recipes we will share with you!

Muscle Love

15 drops PanAway

10 drops Peppermint

Top off with carrier oil 

Register 6 days in advance or by July 2nd,  I will ship you a FREE ROLLER BOTTLE FREE so you can make it the night of the class!    

Bring a friend that doesn't know about Young Living and they could win $25.00 towards a Premium Starter Kit!!!!!   Share this information so they too can get the benefits of these products.

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Sheila Hittner
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 Who Needs Essential Oils????

Who Needs Essential Oils????

Let us help you learn more!

Using essential oils can be a safe, natural option to support and maintain you and your family's health.
When we learn more and share with friends we are all blessed by giving them the information
and that's a great place to start.

You will learn how to:
* Save $ and improve your health by replacing toxic products in your home
* Support your immune system with natural remedies
* Increase energy naturally
* And much more!
* Join us and invite your friends and family too

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Sheila Hittner
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 ALL THINGS  T  H  I  E  V  E  S  !!!!


Lets play DITCH & SWITCH:)

Just because a commercial cleaner promises a germ-free environment doesn't mean there aren't hidden dangers and other risks associated with its use.

Conventional cleaning products contain many endocrine disrupting chemicals that can wreak havoc on your respiratory system, cellular health, thyroid, adrenal glands and even mental clarity.

SCARY facts:
*According to the U.S. EPA, cleaning products contribute to concentrations of many common pollutants that are two to five times higher inside homes than outside.

*Studies show that many toxicants invade our bodies. They have been found in blood, urine and breast milk, as well as in the umbilical cord blood of newborns.

**** Who needs to take all that RISK**** Do the Ditch & Switch.

At this hangout we will have some great recipes for you to try.

Don't be afraid to share this information with your friends.

Trust me, they WILL thank YOU!

Once you REGISTER a link and password will be sent to you.
The link/password will be sent the day before!


 Active & Athletic Women!

Active & Athletic Women!



  •   What actions to take for your pre-workout or to energize your day (4 specifics that will make your pre-workout successful).

  •  What can you do during your workout and during the day to aid in releasing toxins generated from your activity (tips to keep your day going strong).

  •  After the day is done and the workout is finished (6 tips to wind up your work out or busy day)

  •   3 things you should be doing every day to stay vigorous and energized.
This is not only beneficial for athletes but also anyone who may be concerned about healthy aging. 

Invite your work out buddies to this FREE ONLINE CLASS and click on the button below to reserve your spot!

Sheila Hittner
YL enroller & sponsor #2338372